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Czasopismo "Heteroglossia - studia kulturoznawczo-filologiczne" wydawane jest przez Wydawnictwo Uczelniane Wyższej Szkoły Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy 



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Журнал "Гетероглоссия - культурно-филологические

исследования" издается Университетским

издательством Университета 

Экономики в Быдгоще


University of Economy in Bydgoszcz
st. Garbary 3, 85-229 Bydgoszcz



The journal "Heteroglossia - cultural and philological studies" is published by the University Publishing House of the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz


For Authors

Preliminary remarks

Texts for publishing are accepted on an ongoing basis and are published on a first-come, first-served basis. The editors are currently accepting articles for publication in 2023.

The editorial team accepts original texts which have not been published before, from the field of literary, linguistics and cultural  studies, in Polish , English and  Russian languages.

The jurnal publishes articles, reviews, review descriptions and reports from academic conferences.

Having received the article, the secretary of a given issue of the journal will confirm its receipt, which is not equal to its acceptance for publishing.

The editorial team reserves the right to reject texts which do not meet general and technical requirements or the rules for writing footnotes.

The editorial team of “Heteroglossia ” journal makes every effort to detect and disclose cases of unfair practices, such as: plagiarism, multiple publications, unauthorized citing, etc.

The editorial team considers ghostwriting (failure to mention a particular person’s significant participation in the article writing) and guest authorship (adding a person whose participation was insignificant as a co-author) as lack of academic integrity.

Authors of publications shall receive a paper copy of the journal.

Authors shall not receive remuneration for the articles published in the journal.

General requirements

Only the texts which fit the journal’s profile and have been prepared according to the requirements of WSG Publishing House (see: Rules for preparing materials for print published on the journal’s website in the “For Authors” tab) can be qualified for reviewing.

Submitting a text for reviewing is considered by the editorial team as equal to the Author’s declaring that:

a) the text has not been submitted to another journal (negative result of the review procedure releases the author from this agreement) and had not been previously published;

b) the text is the author’s original work;

d) the author is not breaching copyrights to research and illustrations made by third parties;

e) no information concerning persons or institutions which have contributed to the research results presented in the text has been omitted;

f) no information concerning funding of the research by persons, institutions or national and foreign organizations has been omitted in the text;

It is required that co-authored texts include a determination of contribution of the particular persons. The footnotes, explanations or acknowledgements included in the text should also include a disclosure of funding sources of the research.

Legal consequences of academic fraud (plagiarism, autoplagiarism), shall be borne by the authors of the articles.

Author's Statement

Rules for preparing materials for print

Ways of recording bibliography