As the name implies the journal has a multidisciplinary character.

            The main goal of the journal is s to present linguistic and cultural issues in a historical and contemporary perspective. Moreover, the texts from the area of philological sciences, cultural studies and intercultural communication are expected to be publish as well.

            We are open for new concepts, theories and researches in the are of broader area of language and cultural research. The language is treated as the mirror of culture and the tool of communication.

            The title indicates the journal’s open multidisciplinary formula, enabling a comprehensive and critical description of socio-cultural changes in the contemporary world, reflected in variety of texts of culture and different types of discourse.

            In the centre of our attention there are both philological issues (literary studies and linguistics) and the issue of multiculturalism and multilingualism in the sense of communication and identity. We propose the scientific penetration of such areas as cultural and intercultural communication, languages’ contacts with a special emphasis on the broader areas, popular culture, subcultures, gender studies, the media vs. culture, the role of the language in the media, creation of the reality by the media, language education, Ethnolinguistics and Ecolinguistics, the infromation and communication technologies in the process of language acquisition, the view of the language and culture from post-modernism and postcolonial theory’s  perspective. 

From the 1-st of December 2021, the journal once again increased its value to 70 points. This was shown in the Ministerial List. (https://www.gov.pl/web/edukacja-i-nauka/komunikat-ministra-edukacji-i-nauki-z-dnia-1-grudnia-2021-r-w-sprawie-wykazu-czasopism-naukowych-i-recenzowanych-materialow-z-konferencji-miedzynarodowych?fbclid=IwAR1-rptd9t_4EEjCr1pnzJ8amqPwwwQMGYdvjhl3aLNGOtXpYn31S6RKmi8)

The structure of journal – sections:

-          articles – studies

-          messages – relationships

-          special messages (the reports form important scientific events, conferences)

-          reviews – reports

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